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Co to są myślanki

“Thinkylines” is a series of publications created and developed by experts in the field of developing creative thought in children of 2 years and above as well as adults. The books are therefore not only intended for children, but also for people seeking new inspiration in the raising of their children who are open-minded and understand that the main purpose of education is to teach independent thought.

Children will derive the most joy and satisfaction from completing the “Thinkylines” tasks, but adults who want to develop their creativity will also enjoy themselves.

  • Thinkylines at Home
  • Animal Thinkylines
  • The Creative Book of Stains
  • Immagiochi sulla casa
  • Immagiochi sugli animali
  • “Thinkylines” for two-and-a-half year olds
  • Christmas Thinkylines!