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Rewievs by Parents

That is IT!

I have to admit that despite the fact that I have seen many books for children like “fill in-colouring books” – this one is different and totally fascinating. I completely lost interest in the books that made my child only colour e.g. a puppy. Nothing before has “turned my imagination up” and provoked me to devise similarly interesting games to play with my child.

I also found the illustrations very charming. They are not perfect, a little bit crooked – but this is a huge advantage and an alternative to the computer made pictures which are found in publications of that type.

I am impressed with these fabulous books!

At the end of the book there is a comment for parents and some instructions saying how to play and work with the book in the best way. My youngest daughter is almost two years old and since we have tried a few ideas included in the book she mostly enjoys playing “ the tangled threads”- an easy and cheerful game: take a few crayons and draw as many threads as you can – with how many crayons can you draw at the same time? with one? three? or maybe with five, like my daughter Agnieszka?