• Weronika Piotrowska

    I have been devising creative activities in The Centre of Creative Education KANGUR (Ośrodek Twórczej Edukacji KANGUR) for 13 years. I can make up thinkylines on every topic! I am fascinated with the way children think, and with their extraordinary possibilities. I believe that I can help children to jump even higher. My children: Konstancja, Klara and Julek, jump with me every day. I like to compose flavours and colours in the kitchen (and not only there). I take a rest in the woods. I am a graduate ethnologist and I try to use my anthropological instinct – I like to observe and consider the things I can see.
  • Joanna Ligęza

    I am an educated philologist and a teacher, I have a spirit of a scout and since 15 years I have been also a fan and promoter of creative thinking – mainly among students and teachers. It is all about using our knowledge and that of the world concerning the real stimulation of creative thinking of children and teenagers, and about introducing those ideas and programs, which we have been created in our centre KANGUR for years. We play with them together with children and – as it turns out – it works! I can see it clearly (sometimes too clearly :-) ) in the behaviour of my creative children – Hania, Janek and Antoni. However, the efficiency of programs is also checked at the trainings for teachers which I manage in our centre. In my private life I just like cooking (and then eat) – especially colourful dishes, and I like to run in the woods and spend nice time with my family and friends.
  • Witold Ligęza, PhD

    I am a psychologist specializing in the psychology of human development and I have been searching for the answer to a question How to teach children think? My practical and scientific activity is also focused on the psychology of creativity. I have been taking advantage of those two fields of psychology to co-create the educational programs for extra classes for children and kindergartens. I am also a Vice-President of the Polish Association for Creativity (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Kreatywności). I like running for fun. I am a father of Hania, Janek and Antoś. My children verify my daily creativity, every parent knows that.
  • Olga Bardan

    The graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. She is professionally engaged in the commercial design, especially posters; but she also draws animals (funny, strange, cheerful?) with a pen and passion. She likes nature, long walks and wooden architecture.