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“Thinkylines” are much more than simply colouring-in workbooks. In our books fun is had in a hugely diverse range of activities including: imagining, seeking solutions, observing, guessing the answers to and assigning tasks, creating art and even in expressing yourself through movement. All of this together creates real brain training!

When using Thinkylines” children:

  •  use their imagination while thinking they are just playing games
  •  experiment with and become acquainted with the properties of  objects
  •  easily become intrigued and are able to discover new things
  •  develop their communicative abilities
  •  train their thought processes
  •  learn how to think and act independently
  •  are the proud creators of new works and new ideas


Developing games does not simply finish with the book. “Thinkylines” offers more than just one-time tasks. You can return to them again and again to come up with more thoughts. The tasks encourage you to look around yourself and can be the inspiration for experimentation and the creation of your own games. With “Thinkylines”, a child can enjoy themselves on their own or with an adult. It could also be used as an activity for the whole family or with a group of children at kindergarten or school.


            On every page there is one or more (depending on the level) task of the following type: "draw and continue", "transform", "imagine", "draw or write as many as you can" . The book can also include open questions like "what would happen if...", "how would...look like, if it existed", etc. The tasks, apart from the instructions for children, contain advice for parents who should help children to develop and stimulate their imagination.

Every “Thinkylines” book has a different theme, so there is something for everybody!

  • Unusual Thinkylines
  • Fairy-tale Thinkylines
  • Inventive Thinkylines
  • Sci-Fi Thinkylines
  • Pirate Thinkylines
  • Fashion Thinkylines
  • Travel Thinkylines
  • Jumping Thinkylines
  • Culinary Thinkylines
  • Cracovian Thinkylines